quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017


The wind carries your scent 
As you walk right in front of me 
Every step - the body waving 
(Almost as if dancing) 
And the giggles once trapped by 
Your velvet lips finally roam free 

I come closer silently, and though 
We do not touch I can feel the warmth 
Emerging from your skin - 
As it has always been - realizing 
You've been wanting me just as much 
As I have beseeched you to be 

I breathe into your neck ever so discretely 
And your shivers thrill me as I'm going deeply, 
Into your fantasies, of wild love and freedom 
Growing like four-leaf clovers between the trees 

Insanity flows, so wet that it's dripping, 
Savage lust forges the sound 
Of your clothes ripping, under the moonlight 
On which we are bound to endure 
These cravings until the morning sun 
Rises with all it's mighty contour. 

Akila Sekhet 


Image: Catarse by João Pedro Marques


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