sábado, 16 de setembro de 2017


Tempest came, ranging solemnly 
Through the gloom which nailed my eyes.. 
And every color turned dim in a set 
Forged by blinding doom in disguise

I've seen the honey river flowing 
(Though the walls that you've built 
Became a burden to the stream's 
Overpowering current) from your sugar 
Lips it has already spilt

Shall you be my winter shroud? 
When I peer into the abyss 
All I can see is my lonely 
Corpse crying out loud

The laughter of a thousand galaxies 
Behind that one smile that made me whole, 
Showing the Gods that it is your gestures 
Creating the wind that refreshes my soul

Do not be startled by the piercing sound... 
It's just the shrapnel from the frozen 
Stone that lies within my chest 
Falling on the ground

Akila Sekhet

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