sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012


My heart is pounding and my sight is blurred
For today, while I search inside my heart,
Like every day before I feel so sure
That no one has ever left me so allured
And I promise you once more, there’s nothing
That can make us grow apart

I can barely wait to reach the sky
Where you and I will be together
In every way I could only dream

So unlikely, or so it seemed...
Thus our shattered heaven
Always prevailed, growing stronger
Than ourselves, spreading out
To the world around us even faster
When we found our will and strength
To live (like never before)
This love forever after

When I close my eyes I can clearly see
All that is and what’s meant to be;
My mind flies, blown out, when I think
Of the person which is the best part of me

I’ll eternally remain by your side
As you do (night and day) in my mind
While life leads us closer or even astray,
‘Cause I’m oh, so certain! That we have
All that it is hard to find - so my soul,
With yours, forever I will bind.

Tatiana Pereira