domingo, 11 de novembro de 2012


The day went by and the night came forth
And with none whatsoever a blink
I stared at the sky and I dared to think:

“My Star is brighter and shinier too”

Then I felt so fearless
And deep within my heart
I wished the Sun was nameless
So I could name it after you

As I laid there crouching
Knees widely spread, gauging 
The immensity of the darkening blue,
In the dirt with a handful of clay
Suddenly came a thought:

“If I could sculpt Love
In the shape of a woman
I would be sculpting you”

No matter what I thought or said
Or how many thousand flowers
I’ve picked and brought in my head
I still had many questions:

“How can I reach the sky 
to grasp the prettiest star?”
“How can I hold you tight
If the ground is way too far?”

And by God I swear, I felt such fright
While standing there for hours
Breathing those new sensations

Tatiana Pereira

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